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Our Story

As an active family of four, we couldn’t survive without snacks.  But finding something that everyone loves isn’t always easy.  And it’s not just about’s also about finding foods that we can feel good about feeding our kids (and ourselves).

So we created something that checks all the boxes.

Hmmm.  How so?

Great flavors. Check.  Real ingredients. Check.  Easy to make.  Check.  Our Protein Cookie Bake Mix is super simple homemade nutrition.  It’s like baking, but easier.

For real?

Yep! No recipe needed.  Just add some water, stir, and pop in the oven.  Plus, they're loaded with ingredients like gluten free oats, almond flour, egg whites, real fruit, and even some veggies (shhh!).

Anything else?

Parents, kids, grandmas, BFFs - everyone will love these cookies.  They're the perfect “any time of day” snack for all of your adventures.

Eat ‘em in the kitchen.  Take ‘em with you.  Whatever your day holds, this cookie can keep up.  From hiking and biking to working and schooling - we’ve got you covered.

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